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Mortgage Pre-approval (Under NDA) 🇺🇸

The project is a US app for getting pre-approved for a mortgage. People must fill in basic information about the house/flat and personal details. Then the app sends the details to API and retrieves some offers for the user. Users can filter and sort those offers. After users choose a specific offer, they might apply to the company to get more details.

Type: Web App

Industry: FinTech

Duration: 04/2021 - 08/2021

Role: Frontend Developer

SCSS modules
Rest API
Trello board
Headless CMS
Netlify Identity

What were my responsibilities / What I did

  • created the whole app on my own

  • created a pixel-perfect layout

  • integrated the APP with Storyblok CMS ( a lot of integrations, including A/B testing for sorting/filtering)

  • integrated Netlify identity

  • connected frontend app with external API

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Logo - Albert Walicki

Hello, I'm a frontend developer with over six years of experience, freelancer. I'm also a mentor for junior frontend developers. I wrote a book for Junior Frontend developers called Frontend Unicorn.

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