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MorphMarket 🇺🇸

Marketplace for cold-blooded animal breeders

Type: Web App

Industry: B2C SAAS

Duration: 05/2023 - Present

Role: Frontend Developer

SCSS modules
Rest API
Unit Tests
Integration tests

What were my responsibilities / What I did

  • Performance improvements
    - speedup loading time of the homepage by 20%
    - removed dead code from the bundle and decreased its size by 25%
    - better webpack chunks config
    - custom lazy loading retry for react lazy load

  • Working on new features

  • Bugfix for react and legacy code

  • The transition from Django Templates to React

  • React-Native debugging and deploying to Apple Store / Google Play

  • Custom animations and micro-interactions

  • PR reviews

  • Writing documentation

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Logo - Albert Walicki

Hello, I'm a frontend developer with over six years of experience, freelancer. I'm also a mentor for junior frontend developers. I wrote a book for Junior Frontend developers called Frontend Unicorn.

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